Heatset/Coldset UNISET Goes to Hungary

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Lapcom Publisher is revolutionizing capacities with a new MAN Roland printing press

The dynamic development in the eastern European growth market is certainly a reason why the Lapcom Publisher publishing house in Hungary is investing in new technology. Other reasons include MAN Roland’s excellent performance and the confidence that has been ex-tended by the customer. MAN Roland also recognized signals from the Hungarian market and was on location early on.

In the future, the new UNISET at Lapcom Publisher in Szeged, Hungary, will print the daily paper Délmagyarország (“Southern Hungary”). Lapcom belongs to the Northcliffe Media Ltd. publishing group, one of the largest newspaper houses in England with 39 locations in Central Europe. The Northcliffe media group has been active in Hungary for 18 years and took over the largest regional newspaper “Kisaföld”, which serves the northwes-tern area of Győr-Sopron in Hungary. In addition to the Délmagyarország daily, other publications have been added to the portfolio: three classical magazines, an English weekly paper, freesheets, and an automotive paper.

With the UNISET, which was delivered in April 2008 and is going to start production in September, Lapcom wants to expand its capacities in the colored newspaper segment. The press consists of three eight-high towers, three reel splicers, a folder, and a dryer. In one go, eight colored A3 pages or up to 32 pages (with 4 colored, 16 duplex, and 12 monochrome) can be printed. The additional equipment for heatset/coldset production makes the press very flexible, enabling it to complete the large variety of print jobs that Lapcom wants to offer customers. Several weekly newspapers will be printed on the UNISET in addition to the dailies Délmagyarország, Délvilág, and Deli Apró. József Eszes, Technical Director at Lapcom, emphasizes, “The price/performance ratio and technical specifications of the UNISET really convinced us. Now, with the complete equipment including heatset and coldset, we can flexibly react to customer demands and penetrate the Hungarian market.”

Along with other publications, the daily newspaper Délmagyarország will be printed here with the new UNISET from MAN Roland.


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